Chemical Engineering Positions Available

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1116CH   Senior Economics & Planning Engineer
1115CHE   Process Control Engineer
1113CH   Refinery Engineers for Hawaii
1112CH   Process Safety Engineer
1106CHE   Senior Safety Instrumented Systems Engineer
1095CH   Process Engineer
1093CHMO   Senior Project Manager
1091CH   Chemical Plant Process Engineer
1089CH   NGL/Gas Processing Consultant
1088CH   Process Engineer
1086CHMO   Engineering Consultants
1085CHMO   Project Engineer
1082CHMO   Senior Project Manager
1081CH   Refinery Operations Manager
1080CH   Senior Process Engineer
1078CHM   Refining Project Consultant
1077CH   Process Control Engineer
1062CHEM   Experienced Refinery Engineers
1061CH   Chemical Plant Production Engineer
1060CH   Senior Environmental Engineer
1051CHM   Senior Mechanical Engineer - Projects
1049CH   Economics & Planning Manager
1047CH   Process Engineering Supervisor
1045CH   Hydrogenation Engineer
1044CH   Chemical Engineer - Junior Consultant
1042CH   Area/Unit Manager
1040CH   Fired Equipment Engineer
1037CH   Hydrocracking Engineer
1028CHM   Maintenance Engineering and Projects Manager
1025CH   Operational Integrity Engineer
1023CH   Senior Refinery Engineering Specialist
1022CHM   Instrument Design Engineer
1008CH   Manager, Environmental Health & Safety
1007CH   Account Manager, Refinery & Industrial Processes
1002CH   Process Safety Engineer
972CH   Principal Hydoprocessing Engineer
969CH   Refinery Process Engineer
960CH   Process Safety Engineers
958CH   Process Safety Engineer
947CH   Sr. Process Engineer
944CH   Hydroprocessing Engineer
935CH   FCC Team Lead
933CH   Environmental Specialist - Air
931CH   Environmental Manager
921CH   Process Safety Engineer
917CH   Senior Process Controls Engineer
905CH   Process Engineer
CHME319   Safety Instrumentation Systems Engineer
CH316   PHA Facilitators
CHE314   Automation Engineer
CH313   Senior Process Safety Engineer
CH300   Project Engineer
CH299   Process Engineer
CH294   Manufacturing Engineer
CHMO292   Senior Project Manager
CHM289   Natural Gas Consultant
CH274   Director/ Vice President Technology
CH271   Hydroprocessing Technology Manager
CH268   Manager of Catalyst & Technology Sales
CHM253   Relief Valve Engineer
CH251   Unit Manager
CH250   Process Safety Specialist
CH236   Engineering Leader
CH222   Process Engineer
CH214   Sales and Service Engineer (SYNGAS)
CH212   Catalyst and Technology Sales Engineer
CH209   Process Engineer
CH203   Plant Manager
CH191   Refinery Process Engineers
CH182   Technical Service / Start-Up Engineer
CH179   Natural Gas Consultant
CH161   DCS Engineer
CH139   Senior Refinery Consultant
CHM136   Turnaround & Construction Director
CH132   Sales Engineers
CH102   Process Control Engineers


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