Mechanical Engineering Positions Available

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Job Code



1104M   Fixed Equipment Engineer
1099M   Mechanical Engineer
1093CHMO   Senior Project Manager
1092M   Chemical Plant Mechanical Engineer
1090M   Refinery Maintenance Manager
1086CHMO   Engineering Consultants
1085CHMO   Project Engineer
1082CHMO   Senior Project Manager
1078CHM   Refining Project Consultant
1065M   Senior Mechanical Rotating Equipment Reliability Engineer
1062CHEM   Experienced Refinery Engineers
1051CHM   Senior Mechanical Engineer - Projects
1050M   Mechanical Engineering Advisor
1035M   Senior Pressure Vessel Mechanical Engineer
1033M   Plant Design Engineer
1030M   Mechanical Engineer, Stationary/Fixed Equipment
1028CHM   Maintenance Engineering and Projects Manager
1024M   Mechanical Integrity Engineer - Rotating Equipment Leader
1022CHM   Instrument Design Engineer
1021M   Staff Maintenance Engineer - Rotating Equipment
1018M   Reliability Consultant
1013M   Senior Rotating Machinery Engineer
1012M   Senior Mechanical Engineer
1010M   Maintenance Planner
1009M   Corporate Reliability Director
992M   Project Mechanical Engineer (Senior)
957M   Reliability & Maintnance Consultant
926M   Project Engineer
919M   Project & Reliability Manager
918CHM   Capitol Projects Controller
M293   Reliability Engineer
CHMO292   Senior Project Manager
CHM289   Natural Gas Consultant
M284   Maintenance Project Engineer
M282   Reliability Manager
M256   Stationary Equipment Engineer
M254   Mechanical Reliability Team Leader
CHM253   Relief Valve Engineer
M228   Senior Mechanical Engineer - Fixed Equipment
M207   Project Engineer
M205   Turnaround Manager
M198   Mechanical Engineer - Oil and Gas
M140   Maintenance/Operations/Reliability Engineer
CHM136   Turnaround & Construction Director
M129   Reliability Engineer
M103   Maintenance Engineers


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