JOB TITLE: Mechanical Integrity Engineer - Rotating Equipment Leader


Our client requires a Mechanical Integrity Engineer – Rotating Equipment Leader (2nd position for Fixed Equipment), BSME, 15-20 yrs refining to lead and support refineries in optimizing machinery performance and reliability and several sites by implementing/enhancing reliability engineering, maintenance, and operations practices associates with rotating equipment, and providing field support in troubleshooting and improving equipment performance. 
The Mechanical Integrity Engineer will develop the rotating equipment technical network which includes site rotating equipment engineers and maintenance supervisors, develop a comprehensive plan to achieve and maintain 6 yr MTBF performance in every refinery and assist with implementation of the plans, develop, monitor and communicate Reliability metrics, identify successes and potential areas for improvement, ensure sharing of effective practices, stay abreast of, and assist refineries in troubleshooting critical equipment performance issues and developing action plans for improvement of equipment performance, provide technical oversight in the areas of machinery selection, revamp and retrofit, identification of needed repairs, selection of overhaul procedures, condition monitoring, and interface with or selection of vendors with the overall objective of minimizing Process Safety Events and Lost Opportunity associates with rotating equipment performance in the refining system.
Location: Dallas, Texas
Salary: $180K + Bonus + Stock
Job Code: 1024M