JOB TITLE: Operational Integrity Engineer

Our client requires an Operational Integrity Engineer, BSChE, 15+ yrs refinery operations to lead and support refineries in the implementation / improvement of effective Conduct of Operations (COO) practices and to provide technical assistance in troubleshooting and resolving significant process unit performance issues. 
This will encompass all of the activities and attributes of a well-functioning operating organization including elements such as operating procedures, training, shift team communication, process and equipment monitoring, response to abnormal conditions, as well we effective supervision, ownership, and human performance factors with objectives to minimize process safety events associates with Operation Practices and performance, ensure effective implementation of all elements of COO discipline at refining sites, provide technical support to refineries in addressing operation issues on critical process units. 
Job functions will include:  develop the COO Technical network, set KPIs to align and coordinate the COO network, identify the key elements of COO to be included in HFC Conduct of Operations Scope, ensure sharing of effective practices and lessons learned from operating incidents, stay abreast of refining operating unit performance, assist the refining teams in the investigation of operating incidents and evaluate the effectiveness of operating procedures and practices associated with specific refining processes and operating modes (shutdown, startup, normal operation, emergency operation), share effective practices for implementation at all sites.
Location: Dallas, Texas
Salary: $160-180K+, bonus, stock
Job Code: 1025CH