JOB TITLE: Hydrocracking Engineer


Our client requires a Hydrocracking Engineer, BSChE, 2-20 yrs. Hydrocracking experience in a refinery setting.  We are seeking a Chemical Engineer, BSChE required and two to twenty plus years of hydrocracking experience with good working proficiency in process simulation and in-depth knowledge of hydrocracking catalysts, unit operations, and technologies, kinetics and process modeling. 
The Hydrocracking Engineer has hydrocracking catalysts and technologies experience and serves as project manager and/or lead process engineer for engineering projects in the Hydrocracking Catalyst and Technology Department, provides leadership for other engineers in the Hydrocracking Catalyst & Technology Department, prepares technical catalyst and technology proposals, and provides technical assistance to company’s catalyst and technology clients.
In addition, it is necessary that the candidate has good communication skills to support technology marketing and sales by presenting technical proposals to clients and technical papers in conferences and seminars.
The Hydrocracking Engineer will be a technical expert in catalyst, kinetics, process design and operation of hydrocracking units, serve as Project Manager and/or Lead Process Engineer for engineering projects, prepare technical catalyst and technology proposals, perform kinetics and process modeling of hydrocracking units, provide technical service to Hydrocracking Catalyst & Technology Department clients, provide leadership for other engineers in the Hydrocracking Catalyst & Technology Department, train the technical service engineers, train the key account managers, and develop professional relationships with personnel (such as, refinery managers, process engineers and process superintendents) of existing and potential clients. 
Location: Houston, Texas
Salary: $100-135K
Job Code: 1037CH