JOB TITLE: Area/Unit Manager


Our client requires an Area/Unit Manager, BSChE, 8+ yrs. Experience chemical/refining/catalyst manufacturing with 2 years supervisory experience with a knowledge of catalyst manufacturing preferred or possibly processes involving environmental catalysis. 
The Unit Manager will have an understanding of PSM requirements and impact  on unit operations, understanding of LEAN principles and ability to adapt to a manufacturing environment to provide comprehensive oversight into the daily operations of two catalyst production units within the Environmental Business Unit and works equally with global personnel of all levels to sustain and improve operations. 
Duties will include:  responsible for operations of catalyst production manufacturing units, facilitate team effort between process, reliability, and operating personnel, while utilizing support of mechanical and I&E maintenance, for exemplary unit operations, ensure communications and coordination is established between production department and other plant departments, developing key performance indicators to ensure catalyst is made on time and on specification for units, establish and maintain budgets for units, evaluation and implementation of new catalyst manufacturing methods, processes, or recipes and be responsible for area personnel issues, including establishing manpower levels, conduct and discipline, performance evaluations, and key performance indicators.
Location: Houston, Texas
Salary: $110-130K
Job Code: 1042CH