JOB TITLE: Process Engineering Supervisor


Our client requires a Process Engineering Supervisor, BSChE, 10+ yrs refinery technical service experience in key units:  Crude, FCC, Hydrotreating, Reforming, Amine Treatment and Sulfur Plant with experience in Refinery operations, process simulation, and process safety managements. 
Management experience is a plus but not required.  Routine assignments will include the supervision, coaching, and development of the refinery process engineers, ensure that unit material balances and KPIs are being prepared, monitored, and presented to management, work closely with Operations to ensure Process Engineers are meeting their needs, ensure that projects managed by Process Engineers are completed in a timely manner and within budget, review and prioritize PSM action items for Process Engineers, and ensure process models are actively used for troubleshooting and profit improvement opportunities. 
Special assignments may include providing TAR Process Engineering Support to corporate planners and operations, provide catalyst change-out TAR Process Engineering planning, catalyst acquisition, and loading support, attend HAZOPs and PHAs with the junior engineers, as required, submit process engineering capital and expense budgets annually to Tech Manager and work with the process engineers to complete development of HYSYS process models for major units.
Location: Casper, Wyoming
Salary: Salary Open Depending on Experience (to $150K+)
Job Code: 1047CH