Refinery Maintenance Manager


Our client requires a Refinery Maintenance Manager, BSME, 10+ years of supervisory experience in Maintenance with a strong working knowledge of process engineering equipment, rotating equipment, refinery operating units and processes with strong supervisory, managerial, leadership and problem solving skills related to technical and personnel issues. 
Our client is committed to moving forward quickly with new maintenance and equipment programs and requires a top Maintenance Manager to minimize downtime, total operating costs, and future problems, improve reliability of equipment and efficiency of problem resolution, will have more effective utilization of maintenance resources, identify areas needing improvement relating to equipment and personnel, and create programs to reduce costs and improve reliability. 
In addition to managing these capital and program improvements, the Maintenance Manager will also work with the legacy employees to help them embrace the new corporate commitment to improved maintenance work practice issues.  They are committed to supporting the new Maintenance Manager who can drive these programs to completion.
Location: Oklahoma
Salary: $160-200K
Job Code: 1090M