Senior Economics & Planning Engineer


Senior Economics & Planning Engineer, BSChE, 6+ years of well-rounded refinery process engineering and planning experience is required.
The primary obligations of the Senior Economics & Planning Engineer will be to evaluate crudes and other feedstocks to maximize profitability, tune linear program to actual operations and communicate plans and operational improvement to refinery staff. 
A secondary task will be providing fuels regulatory guidance and planning to meet upcoming regulations to the refineries.  
The required skills include a thorough understanding of refining process operations and operating variables, ability to review process operation data and relate it to economic analysis, ability to communicate effectively with refinery personnel to gather data and implement improvements, and the ability to develop both short-term and long-term solutions to resolve operating problems and improve profitability. 
Linear program interpretation and modification experience required as well as Haverly Systems LP is desirable.   
This individual will be responsible for planning and optimization of feedstocks and product slate for one or more company refineries.  
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Salary: Open depending on experience
Job Code: 1116CH