Hydroprocessing Engineer


Our client requires a Hydroprocessing Engineer, PhDChE and 10+ yrs experience in Hydrotreating and/or Hydrocracking with 5+ yrs direct experience with hydroprocessing pilot units and 7+ yrs providing technical support to refineries to be responsible for providing Technical Leadership to the Hydroprocessing Experimental Program in the areas of commercial design basis development, optimization, and support to economic analysts. 
The Hydroprocessing Engineer will be responsible for providing technical leadership to the Experimental Hydroprocessing Program, developing research projects based on input from operations, development of a Technology Design Basis, assisting in process design and start-ups, providing catalyst and process optimization support to the operating plants, interfacing with plant engineers to troubleshoot problems and communicate findings from research, being a resource for plants, EPCs , and the technology organization on all issues related to Hydroprocessing and requires a broad understanding of the issues related to Hydrotreating and Hydrocrackings units with a working knowledge of other refinery units, specifically FCC and/or Distillation.
Location: Houston, Texas
Salary: $150K
Job Code: 944CH