Director/Vice President Technology



PhD in Chemical Engineering or Chemistry with a proven track record of technology development and application and scale-up to commercialization and a broad understanding of the fuels industry including blending, regulations and product specifications, established relationships with key leaders in the fuel industry and associated governmental organizations, experience in negotiating complex business and technical relationships with fuel producers, blenders, traders and end users, and technology licensing, manufacturing/technical experience within the fuels industry with emphasis on product upgrading and quality, to provide technical direction for the Demonstration and Pilot Plants, provide strategic and technical leadership in regard to Hydroprocessing and upgrading of intermediate product oils with includes the development of engineering and operation aldates, design, and guidelines, the identification of underlying chemistry and impacts on performance and product quality, driving improvements in yields and life of catalysts and systems for commercial application at company’s full-scale facilities.  Individual MUST have fuels and Hydroprocessing operations and management experience.
Location: Houston, Texas
Salary: $175K - $200K
Job Code: CH274