Process Engineer



Our client requires a Process Engineer, BSChE, with 2-15 years experience in oil refining to perform all routine engineering calculations (mass balances, energy balances, conversion calculations). Gather, analyze, interpret, act upon, and pass on all pertinent unit operations data, generate and maintain an informational database on all pertinent process variables and updating PFDs and P&IDs. Make proactive recommendations for improving unit yields and/or optimizing energy consumption, support T/A activities by performing equipment inspections and making necessary recommendations for corrections and/or improvements. Ensure that the Planning Department is aware of all current constraints, initiate and justify new projects, additional monitoring and other improvements to the unit and be aware of all safety, health, and environmental issues that impact the unit, the refinery and personnel.
Location: The Panhandle, Texas
Salary: $90-120K
Job Code: CH299