Senior Mechanical Engineer - Fixed Equipment



The Senior Mechanical Engineer, Fixed Equipment, must have strong skills in verbal communication and inter-personal activity that complements a productive team work environment, as well as leadership capabilities. He/she will have a BS in Mechanical Engineering and 7 years of experience as a pressure equipment or reliability engineer in the chemical/petrochemical industry. The successful candidate will also possess experience within the chemical process and/or refining industries, organizational, problem-solving, and analytical skills,  computer skills related to Microsoft Office Products and knowledge of computer managed maintenance systems (Oracle, SAP or other), and a thorough working knowledge of applicable codes and standards is required, e.g., API, ANSI, etc.
The Senior Mechanical Engineer, Fixed Equipment will be an integral member of the Maintenance, Reliability and Process Automation Team. He/she will have a firm understanding of industry standards associated with fixed equipment assets. This position will be required to collaborate among working teams and demonstrate good judgment in seeking knowledge of the Company’s assets that exists in order to establish engineering guides and standards that will be a driving force in the Company’s asset reliability and integrity program. In this role, the Senior Mechanical Engineer, Fixed Equipment will be able to add value to applying the engineering standards across the organization to ensure a consistent reliability and integrity operating philosophy. Quickly assimilating into a fast-paced working environment, the successful candidate will familiarize and fully understand company’s standards within 30-days. Having the professional maturity to understand the value of knowledge transfer from existing employees handling fixed equipment will be critical. As well as fully understanding how to be a productive contributor, and leader, on a project team that is well underway, without hindering progress already made. He/she will also fully engage a working team to ensure engineering standards not being fully converted are done so in an effective manner across the organization. Reporting to the Director, Maintenance, Reliability and Process Automation, the Senior Mechanical Engineer, Fixed Equipment will successfully develop, define and implement a strategic plan for implementing engineering standards that ensure that facility is both operable and maintainable.
Location: Houston, Texas
Salary: $125,000+
Job Code: M228