Stationary Equipment Engineer


Our client requires a StationaryEquipmentEngineer, BSME, 5+ yrs relevant experience in the refining, chemical or petrochemical process industries with substantial accumulated knowledge and skills in the pressure vessel equipment technology, including the solution of problems arising in specification, fabrication, inspections and maintenance of Pressure Vessels, heat exchangers, piping systems and storage tanks.
The technical knowledge and skills needed in this area include a solid understanding of the analytical methods used for stationary equipment design, construction and repair and the application of the pertinent industry codes such as ASME, ANSI, TEMA and API – strong knowledge in the areas of boilers, fired heaters, flares, incinerators, refractory, combustion, high temperature material degradation mechanisms is desirable as well as a general understanding of FEA and CFD analysis methods. This position requires leadership skills and ability to lead colleagues in the execution of multi-disciplinary technical assignments.
The individual must be self-motivated initiating contacts within and outside the company to gather and/or develop information necessary to perform the job function. 20% travel. 
Location: Houston, Texas
Salary: $100-130K
Job Code: M256